Political art

The white project
The white project is a short movie about guilt that appears when you are doing well in life.
Year 2014
Length 4.2 min
Format 16:9

Art. Stills from the video The white project


Steps is about identity. It consists of a my feet walking over a rug. The rug transforms from a traditional finnish rag rug to a traditional swedish rug called Röllakan. Which parts of me are finnish and which are swedish? Where do I cross the line?
Here Steps are presented at Väsby konsthall.

Art. Picture of the art installation consisting of two feet walking over a rug


The project Expansionism is about body and limits. It is a calculation of how much LESS space the swedish population now has because of my weight gain.
Here presented at Metáfora artschool in Barcelona.

Art. Mathematic calculations of how much less space the swedish population has because of my weight gain.


Möten med Arbetsförmedlingen
The book “Möten med Arbetsförmedlingen”, (eng. Meetings with the employment office), is a fictional biography containing all my meetings with the swedish employment office during the years 1997-2014. The piece consists of a book with the same text repeated 150 times. The only thing that differs is the dates and the places for the meetings.

Art. Picture of the book MÖten med Arbetsförmedlingen - my fictional biography


”Ett brev från svenska folket” 2018
Citaten på brevet är helt vanliga människors offentliga uttalanden under 2018. Jag tycker att det är viktigt att vi kommer ihåg dessa uttalanden och har därför valt ut dem till verket ”Brev från svenska folket”.
Brevet är ca 18x14cm, går i brunt, gult och blått. Orginalartiklar finns här (OBS stor PDF)

ett brev från sverige broderi om rasism


Misc art

Fish mural
The Fish mural is a wallpainting measuring aproximately 2,50 x 5 meters.

Other murals
väggmålning muralmålning kärlek

väggmålning muralmålning adonis

väggmålning muralmålning Paul Kalkenbrenner Sony Music


Abstract landscapes – glass cards
Glass cards of 5 of the motifs from my ”Abstract Landscapes” series. Limited edition with 10 pieces of each card. Signed and numbered.

Art. Limited edition of glasscards with motives from the abstract landscapes series.


The Dreamseries consists of watercolor collages.
“Torn landscapes. To dream is neccessary. During sleep our brains repairs them selves and goes through and maintains our bodies functions. According to some – sleep is the gateway to our unconcious minds.
Dream collection is a dive into theese fragmented worlds. An attempt to capture a cloud with my bare hands.”

Art. Watercolor collages.


Digital art

Glitch Art
Glitch Art is when you willingly create artefacts in your media files. There are many ways to create glitches and the outcome is hard to control.
The finished artwork is half made by woman and half by machine!

Made by code
Css is used when you create styling for websites – but you can also draw shapes with it. The pictures below are made with Css.